Masterplan for a new community at Wisloe
Experienced masterplanners LHC Design have been working hard to understand the site and community feedback to create a sustainable masterplan plan for a new community at Wisloe.

The masterplan takes what the community and other stakeholders have told us so far, combines this with the professional expertise of the project team and the ethos and emerging vision identified by the landowners, and provides more detail on what a new community at Wisloe could look like. We want to know what you think.

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A new community at Wisloe - masterplan report

Engagement and consultation with the public has helped to shape a masterplan for a new sustainable community at Wisloe.

A masterplan report has been submitted to Stroud District Council as part of its local plan review process. This will be published at the end of the summer alongside all the representations made to its recent consultation (known as a regulation 19 consultation).

Ahead of this the project team is publishing the report so communities can see what we’re hoping to achieve and understand the technical work that underpins it.

Download the full masterplan report

The masterplan report is a technical document and so we’ve created summaries on some of the topics, which we know are important to local people. Read our summaries on:

What people told us during our consultation on a concept plan

Solving the challenge of the gas pipe that runs through the site

What we’re doing to protect against flooding

Maintaining local villages’ distinct identities

Maximising public transport, walking and cycling to minimise the use of cars

Air and noise quality

The quality of land at Wisloe

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