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Addressing challenges – some questions answered

The masterplan is intended to guide future development at Wisloe. It is supported by detailed technical work which shapes the vision for Wisloe. It addresses some areas that we know are important to local people.

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Air/noise quality

The landscaped mound that follows the M5 will help address noise from the motorway and will provide a natural landscape to provide privacy from the road.

Whilst reports have shown that air quality across the site is acceptable, we are looking at ways to mitigate the use of private vehicles and to provide options for cleaner, more sustainable ways of travelling.


The masterplan features natural drainage systems to manage and intercept rainwater. Our plans include permeable pavements, rain gardens and new ponds to hold water to provide new habitat for wildlife and plants. We are aware of the importance of managing drainage and water on this site positively

Protecting villages’ identities

It is important that a new community at Wisloe has its own identity, that’s distinct to neighbouring villages. We want to protect neighbouring villages’ identities whilst ensuring people who already live locally benefit from the new community at Wisloe.

A new community at Wisloe will be defined by the richness of its green spaces, which benefits the community and wildlife. Well located space will act as a buffer to neighbouring villages.


How we travel is changing. We have designed Wisloe to be a walkable neighbourhood. A new network of cycling and pedestrian routes will feature. A new walking and cycling bridge over the M5 will provide easier access to Cam and Dursley railway station, and could connect to cycle routes to Cam, Dursley and Uley, reducing the need to drive and improving access to the main train route between Gloucester and Bristol.

Working with the gas pipe

A high pressure gas pipe runs through part of the land at Wisloe. A technical feasibility report confirms it is possible to reroute this pipe and presents three different options. The preferred option is to run the pipe along the east of the site beside the M5, then run along the northern boundary.

Local business

Do you own a business in the area or have an idea for Wisloe? Would you like to help drive the economic prosperity of this new settlement? Send us an email via and we would be delighted to arrange a more detailed discussion.

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