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Wisloe: a sustainable place to live, work and thrive

These pages offer the latest information about all things Wisloe. We want to hear your ideas too, as empowering local people to help shape this new sustainable community is the best way to help ensure it meets local needs.

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Our vision seeks to create a distinctive rural community, addressing the pressing need for new and affordable homes in the Stroud district whilst also respecting its surroundings. Sustainability sits at the heart of this vision, from the design of homes to clean energy provision and how people travel to and around the community.

What happens next?

Wisloe is a long-term project that will develop over many years.

Here is some information about what may happen next.

Present – 2023
Consultation and engagement through the planning process.

2024 – 2026
Submission of planning application alongside further consultation.
Determination of the planning application and start of site enabling work.

2026 – 2030
On-site enabling works take place. Homes in Wisloe Village and Lighten Brook and community facilities begin to be built and occupied.

2030 – 2035
Work to provide a new primary school, employment space and homes in Wisloe Village and Lighten Brook continues.

2035 – 2040
Homes in River Cam Edge and community facilities are built and begin to be occupied.

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