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A new community at Wisloe

We want Wisloe to be a sustainable, vibrant community that supports a better quality of life for those who live, work in and visit it. A place with new homes, jobs, a primary school and spaces for people to enjoy, it will have a distinctive character that is in tune with the Severn Vale and the surrounding villages.

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The current masterplan includes:

  • A community of around 1,500 new homes, including affordable housing in three neighbourhoods – Wisloe Village, Lighten Brook and River Cam Edge.
  • Putting sustainability at the heart of Wisloe – from how homes are designed to enabling people to live, work and travel sustainably.
  • A new primary school and nursery.
  • Improved connections between villages, towns, cities and destinations – routes for walking, cycling and improved public transport.
  • Space for businesses and new employment opportunities.
  • Community facilities, green spaces, shops and a café.
  • A design that complements and respects the local area and surrounding countryside.
  • Open to the public, with green space for the community to use and enjoy.

Community involvement in Wisloe

Open space and public assets are central to our vision for Wisloe. In many similar places, these are looked after by the community through a not-for-profit organisation or charity.

How would you like to see Wisloe’s open outdoor spaces managed and looked after? Send us your feedback via

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