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Public consultation helps to shape future plans for Wisloe

The Wisloe Project Team’s spring 2022 consultation has now concluded, resulting in a range of valuable feedback to help shape the future of Wisloe.

As part of the consultation more than 3,900 households in Slimbridge, Cambridge and parts of Cam and Coaley were contacted, as well as 134 businesses, and there was a good turnout at the public and stakeholder sessions at Slimbridge AFC in March.

A spokesperson for the Wisloe Project Team said:

“We are grateful to everyone who took part in our spring 2022 consultation, to help shape the proposals for Wisloe.

“Our plans seek to address local housing need by creating a new sustainable community at Wisloe, and central to our vision is to ensure we also deliver amenities for local people.

“This is why we are keen to speak to as many people as possible to help shape our proposals, and we would encourage anyone who was unable to attend our sessions in March to book a slot at our surgery session on 28 April.”

Consultation feedback showed that improved pedestrian and cycle links to Wisloe are a key priority for local people, as are additional facilities such as a shop, café or allotments. Sustainability and energy efficiency were also high priorities, particularly solar panels and car charging points.

Local people were also keen to ensure the enhancement of the natural elements of the site, including wetland spaces, natural play areas, enhanced natural habitats and woodlands.

Consultees responded positively to architectural styles which mirrored the vernacular brick of Slimbridge and Cambridge, both traditional and larger windowed modern brick buildings. Parking, transport links and access to shared local services were also high priorities.

At the session on 18 March at the Slimbridge AFC Clubhouse, residents were particularly keen to understand the community amenities that might be available in Wisloe, and how people would travel to and from their homes and around the site. Managing green spaces to help enhance biodiversity and managing drainage were also key topics of interest. The consultation was also live on the Wisloe website until Friday 8 April.

The next chance for the public to engage with the Wisloe plans is via a surgery event in the Jubilee Room at Slimbridge Village Hall on Thursday 28 April 2022, 1pm - 5pm. Sessions can be booked online here, or for more information email