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Air and noise quality

Air and noise quality are important considerations for any new development. At Wisloe the main source of potential air and noise pollution is the M5 motorway. We’ve conducted technical work to better understand this and respond to it in our masterplan.


Results of a sound survey informed an initial assessment of acoustic constraints. The main source of environmental noise at the site is vehicles on the surrounding roads, and particularly the M5.

A landscaped earth mound will help block noise from the motorway. This bund will shield the new development and people in Slimbridge from the motorway as well as providing open space, areas of tree and woodland planting and new habitats for wildlife.

The scale and scope of this will be reviewed to provide an optimum design to reduce noise whilst also being sympathetic to the landscape.

The masterplan has been designed so that garden areas are located behind homes, so gardens are screened from the roads by buildings.

Window sizes, glazing, considered ventilation and internal layouts will ensure internal sound levels inside new homes are appropriate.

Additional mitigation options will also be reviewed during the detailed design of the scheme.

Air quality

Concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide, and polluting particles in the atmosphere in 2022 were predicted by receptors surrounding the site. The assessment identified that NO2 pollutant concentrations across more than 95% of the site area are below what's acceptable for new homes.

The only area with pollutant concentrations above or close to the acceptable limits are within 12 m of the boundary from the M5. Levels of particles PM10 or PM2.5 were found to be within agreed limits within the sit boundary.

Whilst air quality is considered acceptable across most of the site, we will consider more detailed work to factor in the impact of traffic related to the development as we progress.

This is happening as drivers rapidly adjust their travel habits and increasingly move away from car use. This in turn will see less emissions from combustion engines. We want to create a place at Wisloe that supports this move to cleaner, more sustainable ways of travelling.

We have an opportunity to create a new sustainable community at Wisloe that benefits local communities and provides the homes the area needs in the right way. We are excited to share our masterplan which shows what a new community could look like and shares the technical work we've been conducting.

We've prepared summaries to help everyone understand what's in the report. Find out more about the masterplan report and browse the summaries.

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