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Maximising public transport, walking and cycling to minimise car use

The way we travel is changing. There is a growing consensus that we must travel more sustainably and make transport greener.

Related to this is the fact that some of the ways the pandemic has changed peoples’ habits – particularly remote working – look set to remain.

Walkable neighbourhoods

A new community at Wisloe will be focused around two new walkable neighbourhoods. Community facilities, jobs, leisure opportunities and new green and public spaces will benefit new residents, and the existing communities of Cambridge, Slimbridge, Cam and Dursley. This will reduce the need for people to drive.

Removing through traffic from Dursley Road will create a pleasant green walking and cycle link from Cambridge to the new community and its facilities and other walking and cycle routes have been designed to ensure clear and direct routes are available throughout the site for commuting and leisure use.

New traffic light-controlled walking and cycle crossing points are also proposed to improve access across the A38 to Slimbridge and the west.

Public transport

A new walking and cycling bridge over the M5 will create better access to Cam & Dursley Station for residents in the new community, and existing residents of Slimbridge and Cambridge. This will improve access to the mainline between Gloucester and Bristol.

This link will also connect the Cam, Dursley and Uley Greenway with National Cycle Route 41 – providing links to the Cotswolds to the east and to the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal and WWT Slimbridge to the west.

An integrated bus route is proposed to run through each part of the site, connecting Cambridge and Slimbridge with the new neighbourhoods and with the sustainable transport link where it connects to the new bridge over the M5, and to wider destinations on the bus network.

Private vehicles

Vehicle access will be through two new gateways off the A38, with improved access across the A4135, including pedestrian and cycle facilities to link each part of the site.

Electric vehicle charging will be provided to all properties, with on street charging facilities in the village centres and other key locations. Opportunities to provide bike hire facilities, car clubs, car-sharing schemes and other measures to support sustainable transport will be investigated as the project progresses.

We have an opportunity to create a new sustainable community at Wisloe that benefits local communities and provides the homes the area needs in the right way. We are excited to share our masterplan which shows what a new community could look like and shares the technical work we've been conducting.

We've prepared summaries to help everyone understand what's in the report. Find out more about the masterplan report and browse the summaries.

If you have any question please contact or 0330 107 0535.