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Maintaining local villages’ distinct identities

It is important to us that a new community at Wisloe has its own identity, that’s distinct from but connected to neighbouring villages.

We want to protect neighbouring villages’ identities whilst ensuring people who already live locally benefit from the new community at Wisloe. Our masterplan shows how we’ve thought about this.

Green spaces

A new community at Wisloe will be defined by the richness of its green spaces. These spaces will benefit the community and wildlife. By cleverly locating some of this space, it will act as a buffer to stop what's called 'coalescence' with the surrounding villages.

We want the new community to be accessible and connected to what's already here. The new community will offer benefits for people already living in the area with new community facilities, a new school and improved connections. For example, new cycle routes, footpaths and a footbridge over the M5 will provide better access to the Cam & Dursley train station.

New welcoming footpaths will be designed to lead people through wetland areas, woodlands and meadows around the site. The position of some footpaths will also help stop the surrounding villages of Slimbridge, Gossington, Cambridge, Cam and Dursley coalescing into one village.


The masterplan breaks the new community into three distinct areas - Wisloe Village, Lighten Brook and River Cam Edge. Each area will have its own identity, reflecting the character and landscape of the Severn Vale. By creating multiple smaller communities that better reflect those in the existing villages, we will create communities that fit with and add value to those that already exist.

We have an opportunity to create a new sustainable community at Wisloe that benefits local communities and provides the homes the area needs in the right way. We are excited to share our masterplan which shows what a new community could look like and shares the technical work we've been conducting.

We've prepared summaries to help everyone understand what's in the report. Find out more about the masterplan report and browse the summaries.

If you have any question please contact or 0330 107 0535.