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What you told us in 2019

In 2019 The Ernest Cook Trust and Gloucestershire County Council led a consultation on the potential to create a new sustainable community at Wisloe. Here we outline what you told us.

A community workshop and exhibition were held on the 24 September 2019. Invitations were sent to approximately 1,000 local addresses and 129 people attended. The purpose was to update on the plans and the process, listen to feedback and answer any questions. We posed nine questions to attendees. A summary of responses to each of the questions we asked follows but the key themes were:

  • Truly sustainable development, helping to tackle the climate and ecological crises
  • Distinct new place that avoids coalescence between existing settlements
  • Create better public transport, walking and cycling connections to prevent worsening traffic congestion
  • Ensure adequate school places, access to health services and other community and social infrastructure
  • Promote health and wellbeing
  • Respect and reflect the rural character of surrounding villages, towns and the countryside
  • Make a positive impact on and link with the existing natural landscape
  • Improve drainage

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We will be exploring how we respond to these and other themes as we progress and look forward to anyone with an interest working with us.

Summary of responses to individual questions

What's most important to you in creating a vibrant community?

  • Promotes health and wellbeing including opportunities for exercise
  • Good links and connections that make Wisloe walkable and welcoming (including for dog walkers)
  • Mix of housing including genuinely affordable housing
  • Avoiding coalescence
  • A vibrant local economy
  • Protect and enhance the environment and maintain a rural and green feel

What aspects of Wisloe do you think could be improved?

  • Development should be in-keeping with the existing local character and existing buildings should be sensitively incorporated and respected
  • Help solve existing traffic issues with improved links and connections, especially for walking and cycling, including finding ways to cross the A38 safely
  • A joined-up approach to other developments in the area
  • Providing a full range of houses and house prices
  • Having places in Wisloe for food production, such as allotments
  • Reducing noise

Which mixed uses would you like to see in Wisloe?

  • A new school
  • Increased doctors' surgery and hospital capacity
  • New employment and commercial areas including support for existing apprenticeships and local educational establishments such as UTC at Renishaw plc, Rednock School and SGS Berkeley Green
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Spaces for sports and recreation and collaboration with existing facilities such as Slimbridge AFC
  • Shops and other community facilities
  • Highspeed broadband
  • Farming retained in the area, possibly producing vegetable boxes for residents in any new development

What does sustainability mean to you?

  • Keeping people living locally
  • Highly insulated houses and buildings
  • Comprehensive energy strategy
  • A place that still looks good and has integrity in 100 years' time
  • Retaining some agricultural land

What infrastructure is important to you?

  • Solution to congestion including at Box Road, the 'M5 end' of the Old Dursley Road and at the entrance to Wisloe
  • Streets and connections that encourage walking and cycling to reduce car dependency
  • Improvements to public transport including links to Cam & Dursley station

What green elements do you consider a priority?

  • Integration into the landscape
  • Orchards and tree planting
  • Gravel seams
  • Agricultural land
  • Sustainable drainage systems that form an integral part of a landscaping scheme
  • Car sharing clubs

Carbon neutral – what do you think this means for Wisloe?

  • A comprehensive energy strategy which explores the benefits of energy and carbon storage solutions
  • Buildings with low embodied energy
  • Houses that generate their own energy
  • Carbon offsetting, creating woodland for example
  • Electric car charging

What innovation in building design is right for Wisloe?

  • A mix of traditional and modern looking homes - large and small, terraced, semi-detached and detached - that are high-quality and reflect the local character
  • Small scale walkable neighbourhoods/villages in keeping with the scale of Slimbridge and Cambridge
  • Solar panels and high levels of insulation
  • Buildings beyond technical building standards
  • Mitigation of existing noise from major roads